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Howdy everyone!

You have reached the information page of Oscar Arias, not that guy in Costa Rica, but the REAL Oscar Arias. You know the one in Sarasota that wrote a bunch of books and has a bunch of blogs and YouTube videos? Hoping to eventually rank this website somewhere on the first page of Google when MY name is being searched.

At any rate, here is where I pimp my various books/online blogs/profiles/projects/etc.

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Books written by Oscar Arias

  • “What is Sleep Apnea?” – March 2014
  • “American Presidents Series: George Washington for Kids” – March 2014
  • “American Presidents Series: 101 Amazing Presidential Facts” – February 2014


Bestselling Author, International Man of Mystery, New Media Journalist, YouTube Partner, Godless Infidel, and an all around swell guy. Thanks for reading!